The Powerful và Multipurpose Zakra provides endlesspossibilities lớn create your site in no time. It is fast, secure, & SEO friendly.

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Set up your trang web with these amazing 50+ pre-made demos. We have sầu dedicated hours on research and designed them with great attention to lớn detail for each chạy thử. As a result, many different purposes are available for you.


Get your site ready within few minutes with one cliông chồng. Select site from more than 50 thử nghiệm sites & import it on your thiết đặt.

Our main priority is ease of use for you và saving your time. That is why Zakra is the best solution for your next trang web project.



Zakra is a very lightweight theme và it’s super fast in loading as well. It is built for tốc độ and fully optimized for performance. We vày have great results for Zakra on the major website performance monitoring tools.

Start setting up your online store with WooCommerce plugin deeply integrated by Zakra. Customization of WooCommerce pages made easy with Zakra.
Zakra is carefully developed khổng lồ suit any device of any screen form size. It’s a fully responsive theme that will make your trang web look beautiful whether it’s viewed on a desktop or any Mobile device.
We have packed Zakra with all necessary features as a theme to tư vấn all the needs of your website.

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The whole Zakra experience with the page builders can open up a lot of possibilities for customizations.
Zakra is AMP. Ready. This makes sure that your website will load with blazing tốc độ on mobile devices.
The Zakra team is dedicated to your user experience và is ready lớn provide you awesome tư vấn anytime.
Being translation ready theme, you can launch site in your native sầu language as well as multilingual sites.
Zakra will help you gain rank on the tìm kiếm engines. It is a fully SEO optimized theme supporting major SEO plugins for the popularity of your website.
Make your site contents compatible for right-to-left text direction languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and more.
Zakra is excellent not only because it is practical and comfortable, also the authors are concerned about the proper functioning! I recommkết thúc it!
Great multipurpose responsive theme. Perfect combination of thiết kế, performance and SEO. Using this theme on my site. Highly recommended.

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Zakra – Free Multipurpose WordPress theme for 2021. With amazing functionalities, Zakra theme is designed to accommodate the ample requirements of very vast set of different website archetypes.

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