Translating woocommerce extensions

When you are running an ecommerce store based on WordPress, figuring out how khổng lồ translate WooCommerce products can be a crucial factor. Offering your store in several languages is a great way khổng lồ extover your reach và win over new customers.

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Thanks khổng lồ the Internet, these days any online cửa hàng can compete globally. If you put your wares online, you can sell khổng lồ worldwide customers – at least theoretically. In reality, that doesn’t always happen and one of the main reasons for that is whether you have your site translated or not.

As it turns out, language is a major selling factor. 56.2 percent of consumers state that the ability khổng lồ get product information in their own language is more important khổng lồ them than price. As a consequence, if you translate your offerings (& the rest of your site) into the language of your visitors, you can dramatically increase your chances of turning them inkhổng lồ paying customers.

This article will tell you exactly how lớn bởi that. In the following, we will go over how to lớn translate different parts of your WooCommerce products including sản phẩm title, description and category. You will also learn how to lớn translate sản phẩm attributes of variable products, strings included in the WooCommerce plugin as well as the product URL và page title.

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Here’s What You Will Need

In order to translate WooCommerce products, you need a few things. Naturally, the first prerequisite is that you have phối up your e-commerce site with WooCommerce.

Secondly, lớn follow the steps in this tutorial, you also need to have sầu installed. You can find it for không tính phí in the WordPress directory. To install it from the WordPress baông xã kết thúc, simply go to lớn Plugins > Add New và search for it by name. When you find it in the list, click the Install Now button lớn get it onto lớn your site.


When the plugin is done downloading, don’t forget khổng lồ activate it. After that, you are good to lớn go.

Just one quiông xã note: for some parts of this tutorial, you also need the SEO Pachồng (included in Premium). However, I will let you know about that when we get khổng lồ it.

How lớn Add a New Target Language lớn Your Site

Before you can translate your WooCommerce products, you first need to lớn add another language that you want your products available inlớn. First decide which languages you will add.

In adding a new language is pretty easy. Just go to Settings &WordPress String Translation: Tutorial & Easiest Plugin khổng lồ Translate Any Stringgt; lớn find these options:


First, at the top of the screen, pichồng your default language. After that, under All Languages, you are able khổng lồ add more. Use the drop-down thực đơn khổng lồ choose one from the menu. In my case, I want German as my site’s second language. Save any changes at the bottom và you are done.

Translate WooCommerce Products with

After this, you are ready to lớn start translating. The first thing we will bởi is add new language options khổng lồ a normal WooCommerce hàng hóa. Here’s how to lớn vày that.

Changing the Language of the Product Title

The first thing to vì to translate a single sản phẩm is to go khổng lồ the front over of your site và open it in your browser. For this example, we want to lớn translate the sunglasses on the right.


To vị so, the first thing you would vì chưng is cliông chồng on them. After that, hit Translate Page in the WordPress admin bar.


This gets you to lớn the main translation screen. The first thing you want khổng lồ vày here is using the drop-down thực đơn at the very top left khổng lồ choose the language you are translating inkhổng lồ. This way, you will be able lớn see the changes on your site instantly.


When you now hover over the sản phẩm name, a little ibé appears.


Cliông xã it and you will see the original string on the left in the From English box.


To add a translation for another language, simply insert it into the box at the bottom, which is for the language you will be translating inkhổng lồ. When you then hit Save sầu Translation at the top, the page will automatically show the title on the page in the second language.


It’s that easy.

Translating Other Parts of the Product Listing

Moving on from here, you can vì the same thing with the product’s short mô tả tìm kiếm, description & hàng hóa category. Simply hover over the part you want to lớn localize, cliông xã the edit button, add a translation and save. Yet, there are also alternative ways lớn achieve sầu this. For one, you can use the string các mục (right below where you pichồng the language) to lớn choose any of the strings on the page for translating.


This way, you don’t manually have sầu to lớn look around the page to see what else needs to be localized & can also make sure you catch everything. Even easier than that, use the NextPrevious buttons to lớn cycle through all available strings.

To speed up the translation process you can also use the available keyboard shortcuts inside the visual translation editor.


Translate WooCommerce Product Image

There may be situations when you need khổng lồ display different sản phẩm images for different languages.

Let’s say the t-shirts you’re selling have an English text on them, and you want khổng lồ display the same product to lớn German buyers but instead use a t-shirt image with the text in German.

The same visual translation interface can be used for sản phẩm image translation.

How to Translate a Variable Product in WooCommerce

In addition khổng lồ the above, you can also use to lớn translate variable products. These are products that can come with different attributes such as color và form size.

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Adding more language options lớn them works pretty much the same way. Just create a variable product and enter the translation options.


When you have sầu done that, you can find any hàng hóa attributes under Additional information. Here, simply start translating them by hovering over and clicking the edit button.


For convenience’s sake, you can also cycle through the attributes with the Previous & Next buttons. The same works for any tags you might have added.

Translating or Modifying Dynamic Strings

However, in the course of doing all of this, you might have sầu noticed that there are a bunch of strings on your pages that are still in the original language. These are all the things that WooCommerce adds automatically and that you can not edit from the product page or similar. Examples include the Add lớn Cart button or the content of the drop-down menus khổng lồ choose different variants.


Usually, you would have sầu to modify these inside theme or plugin files but also helps you take care of this part. It just works slightly differently.

The beginning is the same. Simply hover over what you want khổng lồ change and cliông chồng the edit button.


The first thing you will notice that the ibé is green in this case. That’s how you underst& that this string is coming from a theme or plugin. Another thing that is obvious is when you cliông chồng, you get more fields khổng lồ add translations to lớn, including one for your default language. This is quite useful, as it allows you to lớn change strings coded into lớn WooCommerce directly. If you are not satisfied with the choice of words, can change it to anything you want.


Aside from that, of course, you can also use lớn simply add a translation for your secondary language, whether they are for the original strings or your own version.


However, you will notice that there are some strings that you cannot access in the usual way, namely anything inside a drop-down menu. If that is the case, you can still go the route via the menu on the side. Here, you find everything added to the page by plugins & themes. Go through the entire list so you don’t miss anything.


Be aware though, that some strings only appear after you have taken an action. For example, after you add something lớn your cart, you get this message.


Once it appears on screen, you can translate it lượt thích everything else, however, before that, you have sầu no access lớn it. Keep that in mind so you demo your site thoroughly for hidden strings.

Product Slug and Page Title

For the final part of this tutorial, you will need the aforementioned SEO Paông chồng. It allows you to translate more technical aspects of your site that are important for tìm kiếm engines. When you have installed it on your site, the translation menu shows some extra options.


Under Meta Information, you are able lớn translate both the post slug và page title. These are the last part of the hàng hóa URL & the title that will appear in search engines & browser tabs.

Translating them works the same way. Just pick the options from the menu and fill in the information in the box for your secondary language, then save.


After that, you will be able lớn see the new page slug và title in your browser window.


Automatically Translate WooCommerce Products

To make things even easier, you can use the built in automatic translation from & have all your WooCommerce products automatically translated.

For this, simply navigate khổng lồ the Automatic Translation tab, under settings & enable automatic translation.

* supports two different services that you can use lớn automatically translate WooCommerce:

Google Translate API – the most popular automatic translation API, that’s also behind Google Translate. lets you use Google Translate for miễn phí, while DeepL is available in the premium versions of

To optimize both speed and costs significantly, will automatically translate your nội dung just once, & then save sầu & load the translation from your database.

Rather than translating each hàng hóa details from scratch, you can use machine translation khổng lồ create your baseline translations và then manually refine them where needed.

In Short, Translating WooCommerce Products Isn’t Hard

Knowing how khổng lồ translate WooCommerce products is an important part of running an online siêu thị. It helps you open up new customer segments and serve sầu your clients better. It also allows you lớn compete in a global market and is a huge trust indicator.

Above, you have sầu learned how khổng lồ translate key parts of your WooCommerce hàng hóa pages with

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From product titles, descriptions and categories over attributes, strings added by your theme or plugin and even the URL và title tag, everything can be translated in a matter of clicks. also adds support for multilingual search, making it really easy for your customers khổng lồ find products in their selected language. Plus, it’s fast and won’t slow down your trang web.

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