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Firstly, welcome to lớn Traveler WordPress Theme Documentation! If you need anything feel free lớn ask questions by contacting our 24 hours tư vấn accessing your Account và opening tickets, you are không tính phí lớn open as many tickets you want. This is the instruction manual for the Traveler WordPress theme powered by Visualmovị. So, we ask that you read this document carefully as it will help you a lot in creating your trang web because it shows you much information of the theme. In addition, we suggest you take a look in the help area on Help Desk for video clip tutorials & step-by-step guides.

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1. Documentation: Install Your Traveler WordPress Theme

In the first 3. steps of your Traveler WordPress Theme documentation, you will see how khổng lồ get it started properly. When you purchase our Traveler WordPress theme you will receive sầu an e-mail with a links for tải về. Once you made the tải về you will have a bigger folder in .ZIP format. This is the case you have sầu purchased our themes on the following marketplaces; Mojo-Marketplace/Creative-Market/Visualmovị Store. With something lượt thích 9MB of form size on the marketplaces with all the theme content called ‘’. On this folder you will see the following files; Demo content, Theme files, License & Documentation. Please don’t try khổng lồ install this file on your WordPress, if you try you will see an error message because it’s the row-thư mục.

Installation Process

Firstly, to lớn install the theme you need lớn open this big folder ‘’ with 9MB of kích cỡ. Found and open a file called ‘Theme-Files”. Inside this file you will see 2 files, with something like 3.4MB of form size in .ZIP.. format & theme-child .zip. As a result, you need to lớn extract/remove/unzip the with 3.4. All you need khổng lồ vày is cliông xã on this tệp tin & drag it và drop this tệp tin on your desktop area.Finally, it will unzip the theme and you will get the ready-to-install file. Please have sầu a look at this Clip tutorial.

install WordPress theme from zip – extract theme files lớn upload on WordPress

Secondly, you need to lớn login on your WordPress admin area và go khổng lồ ‘Appearance’. Cliông xã on ‘Themes’. Add new, Upload Theme, Select files. Select the file that you have unzipped before and have something lượt thích 3.4MB of kích thước. Finally, click on the upload theme and active sầu the theme. Another way to lớn install your Traveler WordPress theme is using the FTPhường for it.

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Alternative sầu Installation Methods

Moreover, this WordPress theme documentation can help you with your traveler WordPress theme installation process in the case you have sầu some issue https://visualmobở

In the case your purchase our theme on Mojo-Marketplace you will receive sầu different files. The 4 following files (Demo Data / Main Files / Help File / Child Theme) already separated và unzipped. You will not receive the with all content together on mojo-marketplace.

So, all you will need lớn vì chưng is tải về the ‘Main Files’. This is the ready khổng lồ upload on WordPress file. As a result, all you need khổng lồ vì after download this ‘Main Files’ thư mục is go to your WordPress Dashboard. Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme. Select the ‘’ downloaded folder and upload it on your site. Finally, activate your theme. For MOJO tải về and install follow this Clip tutorial.

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Free Traveler WordPress Theme Installation

In the case that you don’t want to install your Traveler WordPress theme or have any difficulty. You are FREE khổng lồ contact our support on https://visualmobởi vì.com/account/ or e-mail us on contact
visualmovì.com. Ask for our tư vấn crew to enter on your website and install your Traveler WordPress theme for you. It’s easy, fast and không tính phí for all the Visualmovày clients. In addition, just make sure you give us the right info on this liên hệ. We will need your login information/site URL and a print-screen/screenshot from your theme purchase with the date.

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