Setting up wordpress website using voice theme

Over 150 post layout combinations

Voice theme provides 7 main layouts for your post listing, as well as 4 more layouts for featured area posts. You can even combine all of them và get almost endless possibilities! All inspired by Google material design principles.

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Header layouts, Sticky header & Mega menus

We also provide several header layouts lớn match your personal taste. You can have a classic, simple header with navigation, or something more complex with ads and banners.



Build a highly flexible homepage with our smart modular system

We provide a simple & easy-to-use but powerful solution for multiple posts listings (modules) on the same page. You can create as many post modules as you wish, grouping them by specific criteria và display them in a specific layout.

Smart categories with different layouts & colors

Yes, you may have a different look for each category on your website. Choose a layout, color, featured area, pagination type and number of posts per page!


Advanced options panel

You can easily customize each aspect of the theme with our easy-to-use options. No coding knowledge required.

Mobile-friendly design

In mobile era, you can make sure that your theme will look good on all screens - monitors, tablets & mobiles.

Branding, fonts & colors

You can change every color & phông khổng lồ your liking. Add your biệu tượng công ty và branding - give your website a personal touch!

Easy 1-cliông chồng updates

Whenever we release a new version you can update the theme with a single click within your WordPress dashboard.

Translation ready

You can quickly translate or change all the text with an easy-to-use translation panel provided in theme options.

RTL support

Arabic? No problem. Change your theme to lớn right-to-left reading oriented website with a single click.


Each theme is built with best WordPress coding practises so you can make sure it will work with your favorite plugins.

Fast page load và SEO

Our themes are crafted lớn ensure good search engine visibility & a great experience for your visitors!

Cross-browser compatible

Each theme is compatible with all modern browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE8+. Yes, it really works in IE.

One-cliông chồng chạy thử import

Import the theme thử nghiệm content & get a website very similar khổng lồ our thử nghiệm with a single click.

Full documentation

Notoàn thân wants to lớn get lost so you get full documentation lớn make sure you can thiết đặt the theme step by step.

Fast & friendly support

Do you have sầu an issue, a doubt, or need an opinion? No problem, if you ever get stuông xã, we are here to help!

Find out why more than 30.000 customers choose our themesThe feedback we"ve sầu received is heart-warming
Matt Taylor

The Voice theme is a joy lớn work with!

It’s a fast, responsive sầu theme that looks great on all devices. It’s very easy to cài đặt & customize, và the Meks tư vấn team is second to none. I would definitely recommover this theme, và will be using Meks themes for all my future projects.

Try Voice now for free
Rosđam mê Thomson

Travel blogger

It was love at first sight when I came across Voice

It is very easy lớn work with và it has a clean, logical và streamlined appearance which makes my blog look really professional. I will be buying Herald next for a new blog I am currently developing.

Try Voice now for free
Harshil Barot

Digital kinh doanh consultant

Voice is one of those WordPress themes that can be used for almost anything

It has in one place all of the important features & options you need to lớn create a successful trang web on WordPress.

Try Voice now for free
Michael Marissiaux

A great, simple và effective sầu theme!

The sidebar is important on a trang web, and the Voice theme offers unlimited sidebars, many options, and the code is very clean as well. Thanks, team Meks!

Try Voice now for free
Raj Vardaman

Great functionality interwoven with beautiful design make the Meks themes a real pleasure to work with

They are so flexible, slichồng & stylish that we cannot get enough of the Seashell and Voice themes, making one site after the other!

Try Voice now for free
Maxyên Dsouza

Personal Development Blogger

Meks themes are elegant, highly customizable, easy to set up and come with top-notch tư vấn.

After trying multiple không tính tiền and paid themes, I found the Johannes theme from Meks. The theme is not only appealing but also a breeze to lớn mix up and customize. It has a lightning-fast load time and places the focus on content, which is exactly what bloggers want. Also, their support team is technically sound & extremely eager lớn help. I will forever purchase themes from Meks.

Will Oven

Personal trainer

Meks’ Throne theme saved me thousands of dollars!

I’d tried countless themes, but could never get them lớn look and work the way I wanted them lớn. Not only does it look better than any other theme I’ve sầu used, but more importantly – for me at least – it couldn’t have sầu been easier khổng lồ set-up và configure.

Two Happy Capricorns

Travel bloggers

Meks Trawell travel theme is perfect for new travel bloggers lượt thích us.

The theme is easy to customize và customer support is very responsive sầu. We really love how our website turned out!

Kristimãng cầu Todini

Photographer, Writer

I stumbled upon Meks’ themes and was blown away at the flexibility, the ease of setup, & the high-chất lượng look of their designs.

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As a photographer and writer, I am very particular khổng lồ how my work is displayed but ending up frustrated because I wasn’t easily able khổng lồ change things khổng lồ look the way I wanted when using other themes. Now I can proudly focus on creating great content because I know my site design is solid.

Lucas Dominguez


Working with hundreds of WordPress themes I can easily say that Meks provide the best experience in any way.

Easy khổng lồ use, clean, good tư vấn, unlimited options yet very well organized within the theme panel và all their designs look actually really great. Also, the code is very clean & all my websites running Meks themes are faster than light! I’m more than happy to lớn recommover working with these guys.

Abi Carver

Yoga Instructor

I have recommended this theme to everyone I know building a site lớn stream videos.

It’s super easy khổng lồ use, no bugs & the customer support is fast, top notch and friendly. I enjoyed building the site so much, I am going to lớn build another one with the same template! Thanks, guys.

Pietro Saccomani

With Gridlove sầu, Meks built a beautiful theme that combines simple, clean layouts with enough options & potential for customization to allow us lớn make the template our own.

At MobiLoud we help WordPress site owners turn their websites into native apps, and we couldn’t be happier with how Gridlove and all other Meks themes behave sầu on điện thoại devices. We recommover them to lớn all our clients!

Elan Journo

Senior editor

newigiảm giá khuyến mã

Gridlove sầu won our hearts from the beginning with its intuitive sầu setup and appealing kiến thiết.

The theme easily accommodated thiết kế and branding elements from our main trang web. Plus, our website team found Meks customer tư vấn to be super-responsive whenever we were confused or needed a quiông chồng fix.

Derek Woo

Digital marketer

Themes from Meks are both simple to phối up, và easily customized down to the smallest details.

Plus, the full-featured trial allows you to lớn make sure it meets your needs before purchasing.

Frank Mertens


Herald is excellent, especially for beginners with WordPress, lượt thích me & my colleagues

We were looking for a theme for a news site with a clean design, the option for full-width picture và an easy structure for the daily work.

Edgar Ell

Fine art photographer

Pinhole is the perfect theme for photographers and artists.

Easy lớn use, clean and minimalist. I love lớn work with it!

Adam Sanders

Independent consultant

I am not a coder by any means, but this theme is extremely easy to lớn navigate

I used the SeaShell Theme khổng lồ create an awesome theme specific site due khổng lồ its clean template setup & flexibility

Klaas Koopman

SEO speciamenu và consultant

We now use their themes on multiple of our sites with a lot of pleasure

I was looking for a theme that I could create a highly authoritative sầu trang web with, that was easy to work with and looks great – Herald does this & even more. We’ve sầu had great tư vấn on every (silly) question we’ve sầu asked!

Peter Berg Schmidt

Tourism expert

I am delighted with my choice!

In my choice of WordPress template, it was important that the kiến thiết was sliông xã, user-friendly, and with options khổng lồ easily modify the layout. Throne by Meks fulfills these criteria.

Wouter Postma

Content manager

I highly recommkết thúc this theme!

We’ve recently updated our trang web khổng lồ use the Gridlove theme. It covers all our needs and most importantly those of our advertisers. When we reported a small bug we immediately received a reply, even though the whole team from Meks was at WordCamp Europe.

Scott Alan Turner

Financial expert

After reviewing almost 100 themes, I took the Herald theme for a test drive sầu & I was sold

Speed, responsiveness, and easy-of-use were my top priorities with all the emphasis search engines are placing on speed and being mobile friendly.

David Lowe

English & science teacher

The Vlog theme from Meks has been an absolute pleasure to work with

Not only is it well coded và highly customizable, it easily allows you khổng lồ achieve sầu a responsive sầu & clean looking blog. Kudos also goes khổng lồ their excellent online tư vấn.

Ashley Aliff


The Safarica theme has completely helped transform my website into lớn a responsive sầu và colorful kiến thiết for my readers

I especially love how it is incredibly versatile to suit anyone’s tastes with global color changes so you don’t have khổng lồ stichồng to one or two particular colors schemes.

Hrislớn Stoyanov

Social media expert

One of the main things that led me khổng lồ use it was the great support team

Before choosing Herald I looked very hard to lớn find the best solution for the redesign of my old website. I tried so many different WordPress themes, but none completely fit my needs until I discovered Herald!

Juan Guerra

Motivational speaker và coach

Sidewalk has allowed me khổng lồ build my brvà, engage my readers, & all with barely any computer skills

Jens Lüdicke

My Meks experience is so good. If I have sầu a problem or question I write an tin nhắn và in the next 24 hours I get a response with the solution.

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The best thing is that Voice is so flexible at the backend! I can change all my colors, fonts và everything else.

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