15 Tips For Creating A Great Website Footer

Unique footer designs encourage people to further engage & interact with a website. Check out these 13 website footer examples for inspiration.

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As a designer, it's easy to lớn get wrapped up with the major components of a website thiết kế. After all, there's coming up with the layout, putting in the navigation, and making sure that everything works together. When it comes khổng lồ the footer, you may just blow it off. We get it.

But a footer acts as a passage lớn further engagement. It shuttles people to different pages. It prompts them to lớn take action. It keeps them on a trang web. Before we look at examples of chất lượng footers, let’s discuss why footers are important.

Why footer design matters

Behold the footer. After all the time và effort it takes to thiết kế a trang web, it's tempting to want to lớn neglect this final piece. Though a footer may be an element tucked away at the very bottom of a webpage, it doesn’t mean the end khổng lồ a user’s experience. Instead, the footer can function as a gateway lớn other content, display enticing social icons, gather email addresses, and further communicate information that people would need lớn know.

Footers mean better navigation

Let's say someone has looked through all of the landingpage nội dung & ends up at the bottom of the page. They may have sầu further questions or other areas they want to explore. The best website footers are like a microcosm of the rest of a web design, encapsulating the most important parts of it, giving someone direct access with a well-structured menu of navigational options.

Website footers communicate relevant information

Whether it’s a tagline or some other summation of a brand’s products or services, a footer leaves you with one last impression. This can make the difference as lớn whether they’ll follow through on calls khổng lồ action or go further inkhổng lồ the rest of the website. This final bit of copy may occupy a small space, but it can have sầu a big impact on how someone will engage with the rest of a thiết kế.

Footers give sầu a final call to action

If you want someone khổng lồ sign up for a newsletter, begin a subscription to a sản phẩm or service, or collect gmail addresses in another way, a trang web footer may be the last chance to gather this important customer information. All of the content leading up to this may very well make someone ready to enter in their tin nhắn address và come that much closer to becoming a loyal customer.

Footers can boost search engine optimization

When Google web crawlers scan through a trang web, one of the factors they analyze is the number of relevant links. Presenting a sitemaps or other inline link gives them a better structure to help determine what your web design is about. Laying out navigational link in a website footer design may give your trang web an SEO boost and help it gain traction in organic tìm kiếm engine results.

13 quality website footer designs

Check out these 13 websites that vì footer designs the right way.

1. Avo


Data & analytics can go far in helping a company achieve sầu their higher purpose. Avo gives businesses a powerful platsize for managing và wrangling all their important data.

Yes, there's some heavy technical information here, but this webpage kiến thiết avoids falling inlớn the void of boring that so many công nghệ businesses fall inlớn. Sliông xã illustrations, plenty of color, & dimensionality are sprinkled throughout, giving it a fun energy that balances out the more serious aspects of Avo’s product.


Let’s take a look at the footer. The gọi khổng lồ action grabs your attention right off with “Start using Avo today.” Directly beneath it is a space khổng lồ enter in an gmail address lớn begin this process. They don’t litter their layout with too many inline footer link và keep things straightforward. And we love the avocavì chưng embarking on an oceanic adventure lớn the right, which symbolizes so well taking this first step.

The social media icons on the right are another nice touch, and a horizontal glance through the screen space brings your eyes straight to lớn them.

By minimizing the amount of links và allowing enough breathing room around the different visual elements, Avo succeeds with a footer that’s clean and simple with just the right amount of personality.

2. Clade Design


Full of contrasting shapes, engaging microinteractions, & a joyful palette of colors, this homepage for the kiến thiết firm Clade Design stands out in its quirky sense of creativity.

A repeated shape through this layout is the background wave. We see it at the top in blue, và it has a few different background colors for each section. At the bottom of the page is a similar blue wave sầu, making this footer a great bookend khổng lồ the top of the thiết kế. Even if you weren’t paying attention, you would intuitively get the sense that you were at the end from this trang web footer kiến thiết. 


This footer kiến thiết example is a lesson in simpliđô thị. It consists of a minimal number of liên kết, a Contact Us call-to-action button on the far left of the screen, và a short social truyền thông media ibé blochồng on the right. This footer fits in well with the rest of the thiết kế, with a clean layout & a clear điện thoại tư vấn lớn action.

3. Designies


Giving its visual elements ample negative space and filling the webpage with 3 chiều cartoonlike geometric shapes makes Designies’ website a visually engaging piece of kiến thiết. As both a portal for designers and clients alike to lớn connect, Designies does not disappoint with its own cool aesthetic.

With a website layout full of white space, the footer’s dark pink pushed against dark gray & black bursts from the design. When scrolling to lớn this final section, the main top navigation fades out, leaving the xanh Become a Designie call-to-action button alone in the top right corner. Stripping away the thực đơn brings focus khổng lồ this CTA button. The inline links take over as the main navigation, and if someone wants khổng lồ venture into lớn different parts of the trang web, it’s easy khổng lồ find a link that will take them there. No one is ever left hanging without a clear means of navigation, no matter where they are. 

With a huge space dedicated to lớn their newsletter signup và a hip combination of colors, Designies’ footer makes it the perfect conclusion lớn their trang đích.

4. Think32

We always like seeing specialized sale agencies. Having a focus is a svào strategy for standing out from the competition.

Think32, from Australia, is a marketing agency for dental practices. The dental imagery is subtle, with the overall design projecting the type of modern stylization that any sort of high-performing agency would embrace. We’re sure that 9 out of 10 web designers và dentists would agree.

The footer puts the Call to lớn action right in the center, with a light pink subscribe button next lớn the gmail tương tác form, bringing focus straight to lớn it. We also really lượt thích the inclusion of “Thoughtful marketing for dental practices” in the left-hvà space, which sums up the philosophy of their agency, further emphasizing their expertise.

5. Hologram

Hologram provides businesses with what they need lớn connect their technology with cellular networks. Whether it’s electric scooters, drones, or a sensor on a piece of industrial equipment, Hologram & the SIM cards they manufacture help businesses liên kết up their tech.

This is a specialized realm of công nghệ with quite a few complexities, but Hologram doesn’t skimp on making this thiết kế visually appealing. With scroll-triggered animations & microinteractions, the design offers plenty of opportunities lớn engage & navigate further into their nội dung.

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Just lượt thích what we saw on the Designies website, this footer also performs the top navigation disappearing act. The inline liên kết in the footer then provide all of the navigational options.

Right at the top of the footer we get a box with a purple và xanh tinged gradient và 2 call-to-action buttons. The box’s shifting colors stvà out from the solid square of dark xanh below it, giving it the sense that it’s on a layer above the footer. This works so well in making this call-to-action bloông xã st& out from the rest of the footer.

Hologram’s website footer design is what is known as a fat footer. With an extensive danh sách of links, it works as another means of navigation through the website kiến thiết & gives tìm kiếm engines a more precise idea what the trang web is about.

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6. Savvy

Do you see anything familiar with this 2-tier footer below? (Hint: Look at the last entry.) Stay tuned ... this will come up again. But let’s jump in with this footer from Savvy. 

The thiết kế features one big footer block at the bottom of the webpage with straight lines & a smaller box with rounded corners above it containing a purple call-to-action button lớn “Get started.”

Savvy builds custom tools và apps for businesses with low code, và the Z-layout that precedes this footer shows all that they vày. This path through the website thiết kế leads straight to lớn the footer nội dung, with inline link leading to lớn the most important pages & an tin nhắn subscription form as a secondary Gọi khổng lồ action.

7. Astra

Getting your website hacked can cause major áp lực. First there's the very real possibility of having sensitive sầu data compromised. Then there's the major ding that your online reputation takes. Astra's software helps businesses & others running websites with a svào defense against cyberattacks.

This could have sầu been a long slog through the gloom and doom that hackers bởi vì, but instead the design focuses on the optimism of being phối miễn phí from this worry. With a xanh, orange, và yellow color scheme, it's an uplifting user experience.

The footer, with its solid bloông chồng of navy blue, signals a full stop after the bright shapes & airy layout that lead up to it. With a unikhung phối of columns, inline links khổng lồ the rest of the website, and a tidy social truyền thông blochồng, this linear layout contrasts with the rest of the thiết kế, making it the perfect endpoint.

8. Fiddler Labs

Let’s be honest, for those not familiar with the intricacies of AI và data science (this author included), Fiddler Labs’ website may be a tad intimidating.

Though it features a lot of technical information, the site also boasts an equal amount of creative sầu kiến thiết. A short scroll reveals layered visuals, giving the layout a sense of dimensionality, and animated screenshots, iconography, and other visual elements keep things interesting.

And then there’s this footer, which features a straightforward breakdown of the site’s architecture. We love the arrangement of just 2 items per column in the beginning that builds up to lớn the email form on the right. This is such a great visual hook, and it guides someone straight to lớn the subscription form. 

9. Brass Hands

As you cruise through the trang web for the branding agency Brass Hands, you get a smooth user experience with scroll-triggered text gently shifting into lớn place, featured projects that zoom in on hover, and other nuggets of design goodness. Nothing is jarring or out of place, with the entire layout bound together by a sense of consistency.

When you float on down to the footer, it’s a gentle landing. The simple line of “Let’s work together” and liên kết to their social truyền thông media make this footer a clean over to lớn Brass Hands’ landingpage.

10. Vectornator

Many designers stichồng with the tried and true ways of making vector-based art, và that’s okay. But it’s always interesting to see software companies lượt thích Vectornator come in with a different spin. The website showcases plenty of stunning examples of what's possible with their tool. This contemporary layout is also heavy with animations full of quick edits that capture the creative sầu process of using Vectornator.

When you get khổng lồ the footer, you’ll already have sầu been dazzled by Vectornator’s creative sầu possibilities. There’s no need khổng lồ rehash what makes this software special or khổng lồ add anything new in the footer.

Scrolling down lớn the footer makes the top navigation fade away, leaving the inline link it contains pointing you in the direction you want to lớn go. This is a fantastic lesson in restraint, showing how some of the best footers are the simplest designs.

11. Hi5

Hi5 is all about team building. This fun tiện ích lets team members give sầu each other accolades, communicate, & provide feedbaông chồng, & it gives managers a chance to lớn analyze how everyone’s doing in meeting the company goals. The kiến thiết reflects this positive sầu spirit, with a playful color palette of blues, yellows, & pinks, as well as plenty of content communicating how the Hi5 app can strengthen teams.

The left-hvà side of the footer stacks buttons giving you the option lớn tải về the ứng dụng on Google Play, WhatsApp, the Apple App Store, & elsewhere. The dark xanh makes these buttons impossible to miss, making them the focal point of the footer.

Hi5 fills the right side of the footer with company information, including the addresses of their international offices & a bloông chồng of social truyền thông buttons.

This footer has many different parts lớn it but uses enough white space và color that everything stays in order.

12. Appasaurus

Occupying the website thiết kế for the ứng dụng development agency Appasaurus are numerous dinosaurs. The design opens up with an offbeat và funny illustration of their employees as these prehistoric animals. This oddball theme is kept up throughout this delightful webspace, with a whole cast of dinosaurs rendered in a casual style.

Above sầu the footer we’re treated lớn one last dinosaur, the tyrannosaurus, with the words, “Don’t let your app go the way of the dinosaurs.” This is such a fun tie-in to the rest of the thiết kế & fits in nicely with the Trắng pricing button just below it. With a black background that always looks good in combination with white & blue, we get a small menu of navigational options as well as links out to their social media. With an irreverent style that extends lớn their footer, Appasaurus shows that a bit of absurdity can make for a more enjoyable user experience.

13. Flowbase 

Are you inspired by any of these footers for your next wpuonline.com project? Flowbase offers 10+ different footer layouts that you can clone. They offer plenty of UI kits và other elements you can use for your wpuonline.com designs. If you haven’t checked them out already, take some time lớn familiarize yourself with what they have sầu khổng lồ offer.

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The footer may be the beginning of a customer’s journey

With a well-ordered layout of links, blocks of social truyền thông media icons, newsletter signups, & other additional options, footers occupy an important space. Instead of signaling the close of a website, they should inspire someone to lớn go deeper, learn more, & further connect with a brand. Though they occupy the bottom of a thiết kế, you as a designer should make footers a top priority.