15 best windows hosting providers of 2021

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How Did We Pichồng the Best Hosts for Windows?

We gathered all the Windows hosting plans from the more than 1,500 hosting plans we"ve sầu reviewed over the last decade. We then combined them with our thousands of customer review to determined the top-10 Windows hosts.

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While A2 Hosting is known for its Linux hosting plans, as of this writing, its website says that Windows hosting plans will be coming soon, and "our engineers are still perfecting our Windows platsize." So if you"re interested in this hosting provider, you can sign up khổng lồ be notified by tin nhắn and get "special giao dịch when we launch."

If their other pricing plans are anything lớn go by, you can expect to pay $2.99 per month for a Startup plan, which comes with one website và 100 GB storage, or $4.99 per month for a Drive sầu plan, which includes unlimited websites and storage. Their Turbo Boost và Turbo Max plans cost a bit more, but provide up to trăng tròn times faster hệ thống speeds.

PriceMoney-Baông chồng GuaranteeFeatures
Startup: $2.99/monthDrive: $4.99/monthTurbo Boost: $9.99/monthTurbo Max: $14.99/monthFull refund within 30 days, prorated refund anytime>24/7 Support>SSL Certificate>Database Backups>More features at A2 Hosting

Pros và Cons of A2 Hosting Web Hosting

Windows hosting plans are still in the works, so if you"re trying khổng lồ get started right away, then A2 Hosting may not be an option. But with their impressive uptime, 24/7 customer support, & generous refund policy, they may be worth the wait. In the meantime, you can explore their other hosting options, including dedicated servers & VPS hosting.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers speak highly of their pricing plans & customer support. One reviewer says, "A2 Hosting is a cost-effective sầu deal for both companies và Small-Medium Businesses," while another says, "I am very pleased and impressed with the màn chơi of support from A2 Hosting — that"s in addition khổng lồ their excellent documentation."


Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting, which means you don"t have sầu khổng lồ worry about configuring any servers yourself. Instead, you can set up SSH keys to connect to your application from your Windows, Linux, or macOS device. Although there"s no standard money-bachồng guarantee, you can get started with a miễn phí trial, & if you choose hourly pricing, you"ll only pay for the storage and bandwidth that you actually use.

You can choose from one of five cloud service providers, including Google Cloud, AWS, & Digital Ocean, although prices vary widely between them. The cheapest is Digital Ocean, which starts at $10 per month, while AWS starts at $36.51 per month.

PriceMoney-Baông chồng GuaranteeFeatures
$10/month and upPay-as-you-go options>Server Types: Cloud Hosting>24/7 Support>Database backups>More features at Cloudways

Pros & Cons of Cloudways Web Hosting

Cloudways is a great option if you"re looking for managed hosting, since you won"t have lớn navigate AWS or Google Cloud Platform yourself. However, pricing varies widely, and you"ll pay less if you choose a lesser-known cloud provider, like Linode or Vultr. With its pay-as-you-go pricing plans & 24/7 tư vấn, Cloudways makes it easy lớn get started, but you"ll have sầu khổng lồ pay extra for domain name registration và gmail hosting.

What Customers Are Saying

Cloudways has good nhận xét from customers who want an efficient và hassle-miễn phí hosting option: "We gave Cloudways a try và we saw our client sites have sầu page load time decreased from an average of 5.4 seconds to just over 1 second." Another says, "with cloud as the backkết thúc … you don"t have khổng lồ know Linux at all."


Everleap offers cloud hosting for developers, so it"s a little more tech-driven than some of the other options on our các mục. It provides scalable ASPhường.NET cloud hosting that supports .NTE Core and ASPhường.NET, and describes itself as a "simpler, more affordable alternative sầu to Azure" for those who are "tired of managing" their own Windows servers.

You can choose from one of two cloud hosting options: single site or multi-site. As the name implies, single site gets you one trang web with 5 GB of disk space, 1 GB of tin nhắn storage, và 100 GB bandwidth. Pricing ranges from $20 khổng lồ 25 per month, depending on how many months you subscribe for, from three months khổng lồ one year. nguồn Packs are also available if you need khổng lồ boost your disk space, memory, or bandwidth.

The multi-site plan supports up lớn five sites, with 500 GB bandwidth and 25 GB of storage space. You can also add on Power nguồn Packs and other enhancements, such as automated cloud backups, SSL certificates, tên miền name registrations, và more. You can sign up for a 30-day không tính phí trial, or get a full refund with their 60-day money-bachồng guarantee.

PriceMoney-Baông xã GuaranteeFeatures
Single site: $20/monthMulti-site: $40/month60 days>24/7 Support>SSL Certificate>Database Backups>More features at Everleap

Pros và Cons of Everleap Web Hosting

Everleap"s pricing is pretty straightforward, with individually-priced add-ons that cover most of the upgrades you could want for your site. However, since some basics aren"t included with all plans, you may find yourself paying more overall. Everleap"s hosting plans are aimed at developers who have sầu "outgrown" their existing website hosting.

>Clear pricing structure>30-day không tính phí trial>Limited storage và bandwidth

What Customers Are Saying

Customers speak highly of Everleap"s support team: "I receive sầu the kind of support of a big company with the sense of personal attention lượt thích a small business." Another says, "The platkhung is well documented, so I did not need much help, but when I did, I was very impressed by the amazing service that was provided."


When it comes to Windows hosting, they offer two plans for your ASPhường.NET trang web. The Personal plan starts at $4.76 per month, supports one domain, and includes a không lấy phí SSL certificate. The Enterprise plan starts at $14.36 per month và supports five sầu domains và a dedicated IPhường address. Both plans come with unmetered bandwidth & storage.

HostGator"s Windows hosting features include the Parallels Plesk control panel, as well as unlimited subdomains, email addresses, & FTPhường accounts. You"ll also get access lớn over 4,000 trang web templates & one-clichồng script install. In addition lớn support via chat & phone, you can view over 500+ đoạn Clip tutorials in the online support portal.

PriceMoney-Baông xã GuaranteeFeatures
Personal: $4.76/monthEnterprise: $14.36/month45 days>24/7 Support>Free Domain>Website Builder>More features at HostGator

Pros và Cons of HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is known for its shared hosting, which comes with unmetered bandwidth và storage & plenty of other useful features. HostGator doesn"t currently offer Windows VPS hosting, though, so keep that in mind if you"re thinking of scaling up in the future. All plans are backed by a money-baông xã guarantee & 24/7 customer tư vấn.

>Unmetered bandwidth and storage>45-day money-baông xã guarantee>No Windows VPS hosting

What Customers Are Saying

One customer says: "We have sầu been with HostGator for over 5 years, và they haven"t given us a reason to lớn switch." Another says, "I have been with the Gators for the past 7 years ... and I have khổng lồ say their uptime record is remarkable." A third says it"s "an ikhuyến mãi source for shared website hosting và VPS solutions for bloggers or anyone else."


Hostwinds offers both managed và unmanaged Windows VPS VPS options, so you can choose the best one for you depending on your experience cấp độ. Managed servers start at $7.99 per month & include 30 GB SSD disk space và 1 TB data transfer, all the way up khổng lồ 100 GB disk space and 2 TB data transfer for $26.79 per month.

If you prefer unmanaged servers, you can choose the best combination of storage và bandwidth for you, with rates ranging from $9.89 to $339.29 per month. You"ll have sầu complete control over your server using the Cloud Control Portal, & can scale it up or down at any time. Windows Server 2008, 2012, & 2016 are all supported.

All plans include 1 Gbps ports, solid state drives, and a free trang web transfer, as well as nightly backups & snapshots so you can easily return lớn a previous state. Servers are monitored 24/7, and you can phối up custom firewall profiles for added protection.

PriceMoney-Bachồng GuaranteeFeatures
$7.99/month - $26.79/month60 days>24/7 Support>Free Domain>Database Backups>More features at Hostwinds

Pros và Cons of Hostwinds Web Hosting

Hostwinds offers a good balance of chất lượng và price, with unmanaged VPS servers that can save sầu you money if you don"t need fully managed hosting. Hostwinds has three data centers — two in the U.S., và one in Amsterdam — all with 24/7 security & redundant power systems. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee & 24/7 support.

>Flexible VPS plans>Nightly backups>24/7 monitoring and support>Only some plans tư vấn Windows

What Customers Are Saying

Hostwinds gets consistently good feedbachồng from customers. One says, "When you face a problem, they will fix it immediately," và another says, "I have hosted client sites with a private VPS for 5+ years và cannot say enough good things. Any issue I have had, even if caused by me or a client, has been met quickly và confidently."


Kamatera is an Israeli-based hosting provider that specializes in cloud hosting designed for business & enterprise users. You can choose from managed cloud services with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so you only pay for the storage và bandwidth you need.

Pricing for cloud servers starts at $0.005 per hour, or $4 per month, & you can use a pricing calculator to lớn estimate your costs in advance, based on your operating system, data center location, RAM, SSD storage, and more. Fully-managed service and daily backups are available for an additional cost.

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Kamatera supports several website hosting control panels, including cPanel for Linux, and Plesk for Windows, and you can try out their cloud products for miễn phí for 30 days before committing. Data centers are located in Israel, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

PriceMoney-Baông xã GuaranteeFeatures
Starting at $4/monthNone>Server Types: VPS, Cloud>24/7 Support>Database Backups>More features at Kamatera

Pros & Cons of Kamatera Web Hosting

Kamatera is geared toward businesses, so it may not be as practical for personal web hosting. Its pay-as-you-go pricing model và international data centers give you plenty of options for customizing your plan. But while customer tư vấn is available 24/7, only advanced and enterprise accounts get a guaranteed response time of under an hour.

>Pay-as-you-go pricing>International data centers>No live chat support

What Customers Are Saying

Several business users speak highly of Kamatera"s offerings: "Thanks to lớn Kamatera và their professional tư vấn team we were able lớn build a stable và scaled infrastructure for our customers & products worldwide." Another customer says that "we moved all our servers khổng lồ Kamatera"s cloud servers after performance testing clearly showed that Kamatera performed 3 times faster than our previous provider."

Liquid Web

TMD Hosting supports the lachạy thử ASPhường.NET frameworks, with a không lấy phí SSL certificate for each domain và a dedicated application pool. You can choose from three Windows hosting plans: Starter, Business, & Enterprise, all of which include unlimited SSD storage và bandwidth, a miễn phí domain, and a 30-day money-baông xã guarantee.

TMD Hosting makes it easy khổng lồ get started from scratch with step-by-step tutorials và free installation, or you can migrate your existing trang web with free database transfer and compensation for unused months of service at your current hosting provider.

TMD Hosting has data centers in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Asia, with 24/7 security và Tier 1 infrastructure for reliable speeds & uptime.

PriceMoney-Baông chồng GuaranteeFeatures
Starter: $3.99/monthBusiness: $5.99/monthEnterprise: $11.99/month60 days>24/7 Support>SSL Certificate>Database Backups>More features at TMD Hosting

Pros và Cons of TMD Hosting Web Hosting

TMD Hosting offers unlimited storage and up to lớn six websites on its Starter plan, which is more than many other providers. Not all plans tư vấn Windows hosting, but those that bởi include plenty of features, including the Plesk control panel. Its 60-day money-baông chồng guarantee & compensation for unused service make it less risky to switch.

>Unlimited storage & bandwidth>Unused service compensation>Phone tư vấn during business hours only

What Customers Are Saying

One customer says "The service is responsive sầu, quiông xã, & accurate. The pricing is more than fair." Another says that "My site loads extremely fast và the customer tư vấn has been super helpful anytime I had an issue. They"ve sầu helped me solve issues even when it had nothing lớn with the hosting."

WP Engine

Most low-cost hosting is provided on Linux servers, but a Linux set-up isn"t suitable for everyone.

If you designed (or plan khổng lồ design) your site using ASP. and .NET, you"ll need a Windows host to properly tư vấn it. And there are some other good reasons khổng lồ reject Linux hosting, too.

The top reasons to lớn choose Windows over Linux hosting are:

You are using a programming language/database Linux doesn"t supportYou aren"t looking for the cheapest option, you prefer more controlYou want lớn be able lớn use Remote Desktop to access your serverYou are using .NET frameworkYou don"t like cPanel

The table below offers a quick break down of which hosting VPS you should choose, based on your needs. I will go inkhổng lồ greater detail below.

Which Hosting Server is Right for You?

If you want: Then Choose This Type of Hosting:
The cheapest optionLinux
To use ASP or .NETWindows
To use SharepointWindows
To use MS SQL or MS AccessWindows
To use PHPhường, CGI, Perl or PythonLinux
To use PleskLinux/Windows
To use cPanel và WHMLinux
To easily use WordPressLinux*
To use Apađậy or a specific Apabịt moduleLinux

* Windows hosting does support WordPress, but it is easier lớn use on Linux.


When to lớn Choose Windows Hosting over Linux

The majority of the world"s websites are hosted on Linux servers. While Linux is a great general purpose operating system, you"ll need Windows for specific applications và technologies.

.NET Framework

You"ll need a Windows VPS for anything that requires the .NET framework. Specifically, Windows is required for anything written in ASPhường. (which stands for Active sầu Server Pages) or ASP..NET.

Visual Basic

You will also need a Windows hệ thống if you"re working with Visual Basic (VB).

Windows is required if you need to hook into lớn any products in the Microsoft staông xã, such as Exchange, or if you"re working in SharePoint. This includes designing nội dung in SharePoint Designer.

FrontPage or SQL

It is very difficult (if not impossible) khổng lồ find a website host that supports FrontPage extensions. Microsoft no longer supports FrontPage Extensions as of July năm ngoái. (More on FrontPage.)

MS Access và MS SQL

If you are using an MS Access database or, if you are an MS SQL Server user, Windows hosting is the right service for you.


When Windows Hosting Won"t Work

If you need to lớn use PHP, CGI, Perl or Pyeo hẹp, Linux is a better choice because it"s more of an all-rounder.

And while WordPress can be installed on a Windows hệ thống, it"s much wiser to lớn go with Linux because of the large amount of support and documentation available khổng lồ help you resolve sầu problems.

Regarding databases, kiểm tra with your host lớn see what they offer. Linux tends to use MySquốc lộ, while Windows servers usually run MS SQL (và MS Access, khổng lồ some degree).

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If you know you"ll need khổng lồ SSH into your VPS, you will need khổng lồ go with Linux hosting.

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