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“Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must callthe_content function in the current template, in order for wpuonline.com to work on this page.”


What is the_content, and whydoeswpuonline.com require it?

The the_content function is aWordPressfunction that gets the content from the database and prints it on the screen. Given that wpuonline.com’s content replaces the nội dung of the page, if this function is not called for, then wpuonline.com cannot work. Read more onthe_contentfunction onWordPress.org.

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Does this error happen only on specific pages, but not on all pages?

If so, here are the most common reasons for this to occur:

There are 3 comtháng occurrencesthat may be the cause of whythe_contentwill not be called:

If this is happening on a new page you are trying to lớn create, check the page’s permalink slug (phối to “plain” to troubleshoot). If you are already using the same slug name elsewhere, such as a post category or sản phẩm category, & then assign the same name to lớn a page, the permalinks confusion can cause this error khổng lồ occur. For example, if you have a category with a slug of “sports”, bởi not use “sports” as the slug for your page. Name your new page something else, and the problem will be resolved.

Important! You vì not have to lớn add this code if you are not the developer of a theme. The majority of WordPress themes include this function in the regular pages and posts.

Does this happen on all pages, using any theme? If so, here are some reasons this might be occurring:

Caching issues: (clear the cabịt of your browser và check if it helps). This is relevant especially if it happens from time to lớn time.

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Conflicts with browser add-ons: In this case, you can switch to lớn another browser (it has khổng lồ be Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera).Back-kết thúc issues: (try lớn cliông xã on “Edit with wpuonline.com” from the front-over và check if it works this way).Plugin conflict (deactivate all your plugins besides wpuonline.com và wpuonline.com Pro to kiểm tra if it removes the error message and if it is the case, reactivate them one by one to find the culprit).Publish your pages: Make sure also that you publish your pages given that sometimes, conflicts or unusual server configurations can make the editing with wpuonline.com impossible on draft pages.Permissions on pages built with wpuonline.com and Membership plugins. To rule out this possibility, deactivate temporarily your membership plugin.The structure of your permalinks (in this case, save sầu one more time your permalinks)404 pages (this can also be due lớn the structure of the permalinks) or the page does not exist anymore.A WordPress install without the .htaccess file (in this case, you have khổng lồ verify with your hosting company if you have this file on your WP install)When you vày not have the WordPress Default Loop in your layout (this has to lớn be checked with the tư vấn of your theme)A Server which erases the PHPhường. $_GET variable (this can be solved by your hosting company)Your host may need to enable zlib.output_compression a module which can compress the data & may help with the loading of the editor when servers have limited resources.

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Note: This message occurs also whenever a page cannot be loaded (whatever the reason). So while the above reasons are the most common, you will also see this same message in any other circumstance in which the page cannot be loaded.

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