6 "best" cloud hosting providers for wordpress sites in 2020

Speed up yourWordPress performanceAchieve faster than SSD performance reaching 100,000 IOPS with 100% uptime.Host your WordPress on our ultra-fast cloud with the best price lớn performance ratio.

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Easily host multiple WordPress sites or short-lived chiến dịch pages on our ultra-fast and low-cost cloud servers! MaxIOPS, our proprietary storage technology, gives you up to lớn 2x the performance compared to industry-standard SSD VPS hosting. Our SME business customers love sầu our enterprise-level cloud for its high performance, reliable service, & competitive prices.

Build production-grade environments with 24/7 customer support! We have sầu eliminated risks by building wpuonline.com with an N+1 philosophy throughout our entire infrastructure. We give sầu you 100% uptime SLA and a 50x paybaông chồng for any downtime over 5 minutes. Our in-house Support team is available live 24/7 for our users.

Even a 1-second delay in your website’s load time can lead khổng lồ reduced traffic & lower revenue. Take advantage of the ultra-fast page load times by using our proprietary MaxIOPS storage công nghệ. Make sure your servers don’t get overwhelmed by traffic spikes by deploying onto a truly powerful infrastructure!

Get started with our public cloud, phối up your own private cloud, or create a hybrid cloud solution! No long term commitments required & no need lớn invest in owning your own hardware. Using multiple cloud providers? No problem. wpuonline.com also connects directly khổng lồ any existing cloud infrastructure.

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We promise to take good care of you & your customers. With a 1m 55s average median response time và a 95% satisfaction rate, we provide probably the best support in the industry. We also offer custom onboarding and a dedicated account manager for our business customers.

Our in-house technology leaves the competition in the dust! Compare us with AWS EC2, Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode & Vultr to lớn see for yourself. In Europe, wpuonline.com has been recognized as the #1 cloud provider in năm nhâm thìn and 2018 by CloudSpectator.

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On most of our sites, load times have decreased by approximately 50% when compared lớn other managed hosting providers.

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