What is php? how php is used in wordpress?

All websites are running on code. In the old days, it was pure HTML, today it’s usually a mix of that plus CSS và JavaScript.

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However, that’s only once they are loaded. On the hệ thống, a different programming language is likely running the scene, especially if you have a WordPress website. We are, of course, talking about PHP.

Most of the things you see on both the front & back over of your WordPress site exist thanks lớn PHPhường. You don’t only find it in your page templates, it also makes up the files that build the WordPress dashboard.

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If your host is running Plesk, you can find out how khổng lồ tăng cấp PHP.. here. Unfortunately, for other admin panels, you will have to vị your own tìm kiếm. Should you be unable khổng lồ find any such option, your host might have disabled it. In that case, you need khổng lồ get in touch with your provider.

5. Cheông xã Your Site

Once you have sầu upgraded, the last thing to vì is go back lớn your site’s front end và have a look around. Check every page to lớn see if everything looks as it should and that parts of your site aren’t disabled or similar. Also, chạy thử the plugins you are using as well as theme features. However, if you have sầu taken the precautions mentioned above, it’s very unlikely that there was a problem.

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And that’s it. Congratulations! You just successfully upgraded PHP for your WordPress site.

Summing Up

PHP.. is the glue that holds WordPress together. For that reason, it’s important lớn keep it up lớn date. This will also allow you to profit from increased speed and security.

Above sầu, you have learned about PHPhường. and why it is important to lớn tăng cấp. We have talked about how you can find out which version your site is running & how lớn prepare it for updating. Plus, we have told you how to implement said tăng cấp via your hosting management panel.

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If you have followed along good job! Your site is now ready for the future.

Have sầu you updated PHPhường for your WordPress site? Which version were you running before? Did you have sầu any issues? Let us know in the comments section below!