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Yeah, I know sometoàn thân can consider using short emang đến tag a bad practice, I just want to lớn know is there any difference in result of calling these two functions.

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The two are not 100% identical, though they are cthảm bại.

the_title() will eđến nội dung by default but the thirdparameter can be used khổng lồ change that mặc định.the_title() prepends the optional $before and appends theoptional $after arguments. If theme or plugin code uses thesearguments the output of the two functions will be different.

If you take a look at the source, the differences are easy to spot:

32 /**33 * Display or retrieve the current post title with optional content.34 *35 *
return string|void String if $echo parameter is false.41 */42 function the_title( $before = "", $after = "", $eđến = true ) 43 $title = get_the_title();44 45 if ( strlen($title) == 0 )46 return;47 48 $title = $before . $title . $after;49 50 if ( $eđến )51 eđến $title;52 else53 return $title;54 You can see that the_title() pulls data using get_the_title() on its first line, so at that point the two are the same. But the_title() then does additional manipulation, potentially.

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The same is true of some of the other "echo"/"not echo" functions such as the_content() & get_the_content(). While cđại bại, they are not exactly the same.



the_title()will echo the title for you & can only be used within "the loop" https://codex.wpuonline.com.org/Function_Reference/the_title

get_the_title()without the emang đến or will simply return the title. So you could store it in a variable and manipulate it if you needed to https://codex.wpuonline.com.org/Function_Reference/get_the_title


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