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In this collection, you’ll find some of the best premiumandkhông tính phí theme frameworks for WordPress. While some of these frameworksmight be familiar to you, others will likely be new. Either way, by the over of this article you’ll have detailed knowledge of the different frameworksavailable, enabling you to lớn make an informed decision when it comes khổng lồ choosing the right option for your trang web.

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However, before we get lớn the frameworks themselves, let’s start with a quichồng explanation of what a theme framework actually is. After that, we’ll cover some of the benefits of using a framework.

What Are WordPress Theme Frameworks?

Some WordPress themes are created by using a framework, while others are built from the ground up.

In general, these frameworks are best described as the foundation for a WordPress theme. Typically, the framework will contain the core code, covering the basic features and kiến thiết elements. The framework is then used as a starting point when a new theme is created. New features & kiến thiết elements are added khổng lồ the framework to create the finished sản phẩm.

WordPress theme frameworks tkết thúc to lớn fall into two main categories. Firstly, you have in-house frameworks that have been built for use by a specific theme shop. WPZoom is a good example of this. Each of their themes is built on top of their own framework.

Then there are the frameworks that anyone can use as the foundation for their projects. Some of the frameworks in this category are miễn phí to download, such as Beans, while others lượt thích Genesis, are commercial products.

You can also find free or commercial themes that were built upon these frameworks. For example, with Genesis, you can purchase this framework and then either use it for your own custom theme kiến thiết or choose a không tính tiền or commercial Genesis child theme that was built for use with this framework, by someone else.

Benefits of Theme Frameworks

The use of a framework benefits theme developers as they get a head start on a project. Website owners also benefit from using a framework as they can switch themes, without losing access to lớn the core features and functionality of their trang web. Often sticking with the same framework, but changing themes, allows website owners to keep their settings, options, & other configuration choices. This helps khổng lồ make the transition much more straightforward.

WordPress Theme FrameworkPracticalities

From the end user perspective, sometimes the theme & the framework will be separate items. In this case, the framework will be used in conjunction with a separate child theme that was built khổng lồ work with that framework. Other times the framework will be integrated into the theme & they will be available together, in a single package.

The Genesis framework from StudioPress is a great example of a standalone framework, which is combined with separate child themes to offer a complete package. The Elegant Themes team, on the other hand, integrates their framework inlớn the themes they produce, resulting in a single package for each sản phẩm.

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Why Should You Use a Theme Framework?

As mentioned, one of the benefits of using a theme framework, rather than a regular WordPress theme, is that it can make switching themes easier. If you stay with the same frameworkbut choose a different theme that has been built on that framework, the migration can often be a lot easier.

Another reason to choose a theme framework for your website is that, depending on the framework, it can be a good indication of the chất lượng of the theme. For example, the Genesis framework has a very good reputation for being a secure and well-coded product. This means that if you choose a theme powered by the Genesis framework, you can be confident that it will be a fast-loading, robust theme.

Typically, you’ll find that popular frameworks have sầu good tư vấn communities that have sầu built up around them. This means that if you run inkhổng lồ problems or you want to lớn customize your theme, you can turn to the community for support.

With the best WordPress theme frameworks, you’ll also find additional tools that have been built specifically for use with that framework. Examples include the powerful Genesis Extender plugin and Design Palette Pro extension that add new features & capabilities lớn your website.

Premium Frameworks

1. Genesis


Gantry is a không tính phí framework from RocketTheme which is available for both WordPress & Joomla. The WordPress version consists of both a plugin and a theme which must both be installed on your site.

Once the plugin & the theme are active sầu on your site, you get access to lớn a wide selection of page builder features. One of the highlights of Gantry is the drag & drop page builder tool. Gantry makes use of widgetized page layouts, where individual widgets can be dragged and dropped into place lớn populate the page layouts with nội dung. Gantry includes a large selection of its own widgets, or you can use third-tiệc ngọt widgets lớn add content to lớn your page layouts.

All the widget positions on the pages can be customized, allowing you to lớn add additional widget slots, and alter the number of columns và the distribution of the columns widths for each section, such as the header area, or main content areas. This is all done through a visual interface which makes use of sliders, dropdown menus, & other intuitive sầu navigation aids that are easy khổng lồ underst& và get khổng lồ grips with.

Like the best website frameworks, Gantry features a fully responsive thiết kế which you can see in action on the thử nghiệm site. Simply reform size your browser window to see how the page layout responds khổng lồ screens with narrower widths, such as smartphones và tablets. The responsive 960 grid system has been built using Twitter Bootstrap for maximum compatibility.

Other features of Gantry include the ability to lớn switch the site to maintenance mode while you are making changes, the use of the gizmos feature lớn add custom CSS to lớn existing tags to quickly modify the styling of your site, và support for creating multiple templates for all the different views and page layouts on your site.

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If you want a framework that lets you build highly customizable page layouts for your WordPress site, all through a user-friendly visual interface, then Gantry is definitely worth taking for a demo drive.

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