Gochyu theme detector

wpuonline.com is currently the world's best website theme detector. wpuonline.com is the only theme detector that can currently detect the theme used on all of the following "under one roof":


Not only can we detect themes on the above sầu website builders, we can also detect plugins / apps used on some other trang web builders such as Wix. Along with some aditional information.

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If the website you entered isn't in the above sầu danh mục of the trang web builders we can detect, we can still detect hundreds of different CMS'/ Website builders / frameworks to let you know how the site was built.


WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress is our specialty. We can detect almost any WordPress theme used, any Plugin that uses an individual stylesheet or Javascript file, parent themes & Child themes, tags, theme prices và download links và much more.

Detect WordPress

WordPress.com Theme Detector

We are the only WordPress.com theme detector. Most WordPress theme detectors make the huge mistake of detecting .com websites as regular WordPress.org sites. We are the only detector that can tell the difference và give sầu you a whole lot of information while doing it.

Detect WordPress.com

Shopify Theme Detector

We are able to detect the theme name, price and several apps used on Shopify stores. If you want a Shopify website like your competitor, just choose the same Shopify theme!

Detect Shopify

Joomla! Template Detector

Joomla! is one of the largest CMS" on the mạng internet. Now you can scan any Joomla! website that you lượt thích, and detect the template name being used.

Detect Joomla!

Drupal Template Detector

Scan any Drupal website that you lượt thích, & detect the template name being used. Not only can we detect the template name, but we can also tell you what Drupal version is being used if possible.

Detect Drupal

Squarespace Template Detector

We are the only known Squarespace template detector. Squarespace theme detection works a bit differently that other trang web builders. Go khổng lồ the detector page for more information.

Detect Squarespace

Prestashop Theme Detector

We are the only known Prestashop theme detector. We can also detect addons being used on any given Prestacửa hàng trang web. Got to our Prestashop template detector to check it out.

Detect Prestashop

wpuonline.com Functionality Breakdown

In the broad aspect, if we break down what wpuonline.com can do into stages, there are 3 stages of information that we can give you:

We start out by Detecting what CMS is being used on any site you "through our way". We can detect over 400 different CMS platforms. Once we know what CMS is being used on that site, we can continue lớn the second part và that's the theme detection. Assuming the CMS we detected in the previous stage is in our theme detector menu (scroll up a bit), we will detect all types of information about the theme.

Assuming possible, we move sầu on to the 3rd stage and that's plugin detection. We detect all plugins that are being used on that site.

wpuonline.com Theme Detector Information

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon a trang web that you just need lớn know what theme (và platform) it's using? That's the exact reason we built wpuonline.com. Up till now you would find WordPress specific theme detectors, Shopify theme detectors, etc. or just an overall CMS detector which does detect the CMS but leaves out all the interesting information.

wpuonline.com - What Theme is That?

Besides knowing what platsize (or CMS) a site is using, the theme & plugin information is the most interesting part. Of course we want lớn know what platkhung is being used, but most importantly we want to know what theme is being used. We want lớn know what plugin is being used for that interesting feature. So now with wpuonline.com, not only bởi we detect the CMS, we find the exact theme based on the platform, the exact plugin names for the platkhung, the tags associated with each, the price if we know it, a links khổng lồ download the theme/plugin if we have sầu it và even more than that...

wpuonline.com Theme Detector - Who Uses It?

wpuonline.com is designed for anyone that works with websites. For example:

Web designersSEOsPPCsWeb developersWebsite builders (non developers but still build websites)E-Mail marketersBusiness owners looking for a new websiteUI/UXEtc.

All of these professions have sầu the need on a weekly basis, at least! wpuonline.com answers that need và saves you time và money by detecting what your competitors vày, and enables you to vị the same thing on your own trang web.

What CMS is That?

As mentioned above sầu, there are quite a lot of CMS' (Content management systems) out there, và we can detect sites built on over 400 different types of systems. Since any given site could be built with any kind of CMS out there, it's crucial to be able lớn detect which CMS is being used on that site you really want khổng lồ inspect.

CMS Checker

Although wpuonline.com is highly focused on theme and plugin detection, we also kiểm tra the CMS just so you don't get a "not found" result when in need for information about a specific trang web. We kiểm tra several types of patterns in order to lớn get you the result you are looking for.

Website Builder Detector

A CMS is a broad word the includes very different things in it. One of those things (that shouldn't actually be in the same category as a CMS) is website builders. There is a long list of website builders available for you lớn be able lớn "build a website in 60 minutes or under". These trang web builders are not exactly content management systems, but DIY trang web "development" for non developers. One of the most common website builders is "Wix" which you probably heard of. In the danh mục of platforms that we can detect, there are also many trang web builders.

Framework Detector

We've discussed CMS' and website builders, now what is a framework? Frameworks are very different that a CMS or a trang web builder. Frameworks are used by developers only. A framework gives you a starting point lớn do tasks that are needed on every single website. Some of these could be:

Database management (CRUD)OOP - all the boring stuff is already done for you, just start developingHTML structure readyetc...

In that case, how bởi vì you detect a Framework?

This is a great question, since most CMS' và trang web builders are detected due lớn HTML structure or scripts being called from the trang web builder domain name. So how vị we vày it? There are still all kinds of things we can detect with the help of server information, header information etc.

Website Framework Detector Conclusion

So assuming you try to lớn detect a website's CMS that was actually built from scratch using a framework, we won't be able khổng lồ detect a CMS (because none is actually being used) but we will absolutely be able to lớn detect a framework if one is being used.

So if you are asking yourself...

What CMS is this Site Using / What is MY CMS?

(what is MY CMS? - many people have sầu a site and don't actually know how it was built và what CMS was used lớn build it, if any)

If you just asked yourself one of those questions, then all you have sầu to do is put the URL of that site in the form above sầu & wait for the results to lớn appear.

What Theme is That?

As we explained above sầu, now we get to lớn the second part of the detection và that's the theme detector. "What theme is that", is basically what many designers, SEOs, PPCs etc. ask them selves when they get khổng lồ a site that they know what CMS was used to lớn build it. Hence the fact that they go to the theme và not khổng lồ the CMS ("what is that theme" rather than "what is the CMS").

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Theme Detector / Template Detector

First of all, what is a theme or a template? (lưu ý that different platforms use a different word. Most platforms use the name "theme" while some actually use "template").

To simplify things, we'll use the word "theme" but everything written applies for templates as well.

What is a Theme?

Themes are a pre-built site with most of the modules already ready for you to populate them with your nội dung. The theme is in charge of the kiến thiết, the structure, the order of elements, và most of what you see on a site. On most platforms (WordPress for example) you can switch between themes with a clichồng of a button & the look and feel of the site could potentially be totally different after changing the theme.

Website Theme Detector

It's important to understvà one important detail when it comes lớn theme detectors. Most theme detectors that you will find online, will detect themes of one specific platkhung, và if they bởi detect themes of various platforms, usually the information you receive is very basic. i.e - only the theme name và that's it.

There is no other website theme detector like wpuonline.com. We scrapped the net for lots of themes for various CMS' so that once we find the theme name, we may possibly give you more information about it.

This is why we point this issue out. Each platkhung detection is like an entire website, which is why the vast majority of theme detectors focus on one CMS at a time.

What Theme is This?

So, once we detect the platkhung being used, we can now go on and use our algorithm to figure out what theme is being used on that site. Note that asking the question What theme is this site usingshould technically mean that you actually know what CMS is being used khổng lồ run the site. Now all you need to lớn know is what theme is being used.

What is a Website Detector?

Well we know what a CMS detector is, we know what a theme detector is, so what is a website detector then? Well, simply put - there is absolutely no difference. Talking about platforms và themes and plugin detection is a way of explaining what exactly is being detected. A website detector just puts all we are talking about here inlớn 2 words. Nothing more, nothing less.

What Theme is This Website Using?

So all you actually need to lớn vì is put the URL of the site in question in the size above & search. We use various means of detection, dependent on the detected CMS lớn figure out the theme name, the theme URI, tags associated with the theme & much more.

What Theme is it?

Once we know all the information above, we cross kiểm tra it with our database. We have sầu information about hundreds of thousands of themes (and templates, depending on the platform) with their corresponding information. If the theme detected is from a real store / vendor on the market, we can tell you its price, who developed it & even give you a direct links lớn download it. All of that within one online tool.

One of the most common questions we get is...

How lớn Find Out What Theme a Website is Using

Well here it is, assuming you know what platform is being used, just use the wpuonline.com theme detector & get your answer within seconds.

So, What's the Theme? - Ask wpuonline.com!

Plugin Detector

We got khổng lồ the last part in our detection. The plugin detector. But before that...

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is a combination of 2 words: "plug" + "in". It's an exact explanation, since it's very similar to lớn plugging in a plug. Plugins can be used by any given website assuming they are intended for that platform. So WordPress plugins will not work on Shopify, but they will work on all WordPress websites.

If themes give the entire structure và look of a site, plugins sort of give sầu the rest. Why sort of? Because plugins can bởi vì whatever you want. A plugin gives you something that the theme is lacking. It could be added functionality lượt thích a caching plugin or a liên hệ size plugin, but it could also be for structure and kiến thiết that the theme is lacking.

For example, a mega thực đơn plugin, an additional CSS design plugin, social chia sẻ plugin, we could go on và on but that's the basic explanation. Whatever your site is lacking, a plugin can add "from the side". Just plug-it-in & it will vày what it's supposed to lớn.

Website Plugin Detector

Now that we got that out of the way, once we detect a CMS & theme, we go on to detect plugins. When we get a menu of the plugin names, just like with the theme, we cross reference each plugin with our database và tìm kiếm through hundreds of thousands of plugins & assuming we have it in our database, we will let you know if it's a không tính tiền or premium plugin, where you can purchase it và who developed it. Even a short explanation about it.

That's pretty much it. If you made it lớn here, cudos. You know all there is khổng lồ know about wpuonline.com.

Many CMSs are built using a theme/template which is basically a kiến thiết pattern that is being used khổng lồ build the site & make it look like it does. Instead of building such sites from scratch, it's possible lớn just use a theme & built a beautiful trang web instantly.

A theme detector (also known as a template detector) could detect what theme (and CMS) was used, so you can then use the same one và build a similar look and feel for your own website.

A template (also known as a theme) is basically a kiến thiết pattern that helps non tech savvy users create beautifully designed websites without writing a line of code. Templates can also be thought of as kiến thiết templates.

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A theme is a general kiến thiết for a Content Management System, like Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. that can be used for your website. A theme has a list of features and functions that vary between designs. Most themes can have sầu small adjustments và customizations that can be made lớn them khổng lồ make your website more chất lượng.

Theme DetectorWordPress Theme DetectorWordPress.com Theme DetectorShopify Theme DetectorJoomla! Template DetectorDrupal Template Detector

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