A Starter/Template Site is a brand new trang web. As it has recently been launched, it's unlikely khổng lồ have sầu traffic, revenue, or page rank.

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Soliman Shebani

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Buying Advice

wpuonline.com’s platkhung is không tính tiền for buyers. Here are our tips for first-time buyers:

Before making an offer

1. Look for verified sellers. Sellers should verify their tin nhắn, phone, và government ID. When a seller has completed all verifications, we identify them with a checkmark lượt thích this:

2. Review financials. Financials are seller-provided inputs. Always ask for verified financials. Ask for a tax return or request access khổng lồ their dashboard. if it’s an eCommerce store get a transaction report.

3. đánh giá traffic. Sellers can grant you access khổng lồ Google Analytics. Ask for read-only access khổng lồ verify site traffic.

4. Schedule a gọi. Communication is key. The best way khổng lồ find out more is to speak directly with the seller. For your protection, keep all communication within wpuonline.com.

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5. Make the offer on wpuonline.com. We’re here to help. wpuonline.com does not charge buyers & by making an offer on wpuonline.com you’ll get access to lớn our post-sales support team.

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After a successful offer

1. Agreements & Contracts. We provide a không lấy phí Letter of Intent and Contract of Sale. This is available in the Sale Completion Area. Just place an accepted offer to get access.

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A simpler way for first-time buyers khổng lồ find and acquire online businesses.

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