Install windows 8

When you need lớn update your operative sầu system from an old windows version lớn Windows 8.1 for sure you’ll need a Windows 8.1 sản phẩm key for installation.

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The operative systems Windows 8 và Windows 8.1 from Microsoft are the ones which brought with them a lot of changes in their aparience, including a completely interface oriented lớn moboel devices & touch screens. The main target… khổng lồ reach a new target into the computers an OS Market.

Requirements to lớn Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 can be installed into lớn any PC with the necessy hardware requirements:

Processor (CPU). 1 GHz or fasterRAM: 1 GB ( 32 bits) or 2 GB (64Bits).Hard Disk: 1 GB ( 32 bits) or 20 GB (64 bits).Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 with WDDM Controller.

But also, you will need a Windows 8.1 sản phẩm key to install the software, here we have a menu about the best product keys lớn complete the installation. Only to Install, they are generic keys released by Microsoft.

If you need to activate the Operative System you have sầu to buy it on Microsoft licence page for Windows 8.1.

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Whats is a Windows 8.1 key.

The product key for Windows 8.1 installation regularly is included in the box when you buy the operative system in physical. To complete the process you will need two sản phẩm keys ons of them id for the installation and the other one khổng lồ activate Windows 8.1.

Structure for a Windows 8.1 Product key

To install Windows 8.1 we need a valid Windows 8.1 key to lớn be sure the installation can be complete correctly. This Windows key has 25 characters in its structure, it looks something like this:


Why is useful a Product key

This product key to install work khổng lồ let to lớn know to Microsoft that your copy has never been used before and your Windows 8.1 version is one of the genuine copies under their develop.

Best Producy key lớn install Windows 8.1

In this article you can find some keys khổng lồ Windows 8.1 but this is the best. You can use it run Windows 8.1 an take advantage of all its features.


Its a possibility you don´t need to try another key because this use khổng lồ work at the first attemp.

Windows 8.1 Serial keys recommended for installations

If by any reason the last serial for Windows 8.1 didn´t work, you also could try another options to lớn install Windows 8.1.

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Here you have sầu a list about extra serial Windows key:

OptionWindows 8.1 Product key


Just lớn be clare the keys mentionted in this article just work if youre trying to lớn install Windows 8.1.

If you want to Active sầu your operative sầu system you must khổng lồ make a purchase with a legit seller, exist a lot of stores online where you can find this activation keys.

When you buy a original copy of Windows 8.1 you can use it to update your operative system to Windows 10 for không lấy phí. So in this case you just need to go to lớn your Update Center to lớn make the new operative system installation.

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