How i fixed “your onedrive folder can't be created in the

When users attempt to lớn save sầu a OneDrive tệp tin on their Windows 10 PC, they may receive sầu an error Your OneDrive folder can’t be created in the location you selected. Trying to save sầu the same lớn other drive or creating a new profile, yields no results. While there are certain inherent issues always associated with the installation of programs, workarounds for them vì chưng exist. In this post, we try khổng lồ fix ‘Your OneDrive sầu folder can’t be created in the location you selected’ error.

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Your OneDrive sầu folder can’t be created in the location you selected

Please note that if you’re getting the “Your OneDrive sầu thư mục can’t be created in the location, you selected” message, it indicates you are trying to lớn configure the sync client with FAT32 or exFAT tệp tin system that is no longer supported tệp tin systems for OneDrive sầu.To have sầu OneDrive sầu use a different location, cliông chồng “Set up OneDrive” và point OneDrive sầu khổng lồ an NTFS drive. This will change the location of the OneDrive thư mục.
To use the existing location with OneDrive sầu, you need khổng lồ format it with NTFS và then click Set up OneDrive to lớn configure your trương mục.What follows from the above is that your OneDrive sầu files are stored on an FAT32, exFAT or ReFS tệp tin system, and you now need khổng lồ change it khổng lồ NTFS.

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If you aren’t sure whether the default OneDrive location is on an FAT32 drive in your case, you can verify it by opening ‘File Explorer’ và going to ‘This PC’ thư mục.Once there, right-clichồng the drive sầu & select ‘Properties’ from the context thực đơn.

Thereafter, kiểm tra the file system for OneDrive sầu.By mặc định, OneDrive sầu pushes all its files khổng lồ a subthư mục under your user profile thư mục and formats the system drive sầu khổng lồ NTFS. However, if you find that the default location for OneDrive in your case is a FAT32 drive sầu in your case, you should move sầu it khổng lồ NTFS to lớn get the issue resolved. Doing this is simple.Choose ‘Set up OneDrive’ option visible at the bottom of the error message you receive sầu while trying to create a OneDrive thư mục lớn a location selected.Next, enter your Microsoft Account credentials to lớn move sầu lớn a next page.Finally, cliông xã the hit ‘Change location’ button on the next page và specify a new thư mục lớn store all your OneDrive files there, formatted with NTFS.

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Hope this post helps you!


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