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Zephyr is A Clean & Minimal WordPress Blog Theme - Perfectly suited for any type of blogger. Whether you are a foodie, a traveller, lifestyle-r or just love sầu writing your life away? Zephyr can help you vì it!


The story of Zephyr begins with the the light-seekers, trying lớn bring beauty khổng lồ the world of blogs & it goes like this:

Not long ago, a team of super developers và designers said khổng lồ each other, in a desperate tone: "But how come most blogs are ugly? We can vì chưng better, there"s gotta be a better way." & the idea of Zephyr (Which also means airy and somewhat easy) was born. So the "soldiers" started working và came up with a kiến thiết that"s so simple, and has little distractions, clear defined hotspots & great functionality for everyone lớn enjoy and even help save sầu some time!

You have sầu to forget about looking ugly, forget the days when you had khổng lồ go through 50 steps just lớn get something done. Zephyr"s sole purpose is to ridden you of these! With an aesthetic design, complementary lớn perfection itself, the promise of this WordPress blog theme is lớn make you st& out and nothing less.

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"How is this possible?" you might ask. It"s possible through the extensive layout varieties we provide you with in conjuncture with the beautiful widgets and headers that you can easily change! But, to top it off, we allow you to lớn vì this all in the FRONT-END LIVE CUSTOMIZER. No more going baông chồng to lớn the back-kết thúc for small changes, the theme is built on a philosophy of ease khổng lồ use.

And so, my dears - Zephyr is what your shining eyes see right now! Everyone can say juicy words, but here"s a list of what Zephyr offers & why it"s the theme for you! How bởi we know? We"ve ran intensive sầu tests with Zephyr in the past, Zephyr is a sum of all the patterns we"ve sầu identified that you like, therefore, Zephyr is MADE BY YOU, you can hotline us your partners

The các mục goes like this:

A front-kết thúc live customizer lớn control ALL OF THESE, by control we mean, you"ll just clichồng things and the magic happens instantly! Seriously, it"s awesome! We weren"t greedy with options and we added plenty, such as colors for different small things và font-weights và the likes!Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Widgets, for your social needs.

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Stay engaged! Also, we know you little princesses love Instagram, so let us know what you think!Over 100 homepage variants. "Wait wait wait, hold on. Are you kidding?". Nope. We provide you lots and we mean LOTS of options for your homepage layouts and your headers. Revolution Slider included as well, for your own use!Customizable Headers to lớn show who you are.Sharing Options for each post, yes sir!User Experience worked lớn the highest standards: Sticky buttons (So users don"t have lớn scroll up), Infinite Loading Posts (Also Paginated, should you wish to switch.) và even a sticky sidebar, for these who like to always have sầu it there.Post Formats: Gallery, Slider, Image, Video (With auto-generated thumbnails!), Quote, Audio.Auxiliary Pages such as Galleries, About Us và Liên hệ, lớn fit everyone"s needs.We didn"t implement WooCommerce with this theme, due to its nature, but we"ve sầu identified users who use the plugin và it works seamlessly! If you need any customization, you know where lớn find us.Two Type of Sidebars: Widgets & Lachạy thử PostsGoogle ADs & Promotional Opt-in Popup for your products!A shortcode generator lớn help you build any pages a blog might need. (About Me, Liên hệ, Galleries, Folio).Documentation - We provide you documentation that hits the main points of Zephyr, but if you have sầu any questions - just shoot!

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