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This week we released 4 beautiful new trang web designs, packed with gorgeous aesthetics, fresh layouts and sales-driven blocks. These themes are – Nomade, Nessa, Zephyr & Ember.

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And since many of you want khổng lồ snag them with a bigger Black Friday discount (up khổng lồ $279 in savings), we thought that it’s about time we introduce you lớn each of the 4 designs.

Yesterday you got lớn explore Nomade, and today we’d like you khổng lồ meet Zephyr.


Meet Zephyr | A trang web theme for Designers, Business Consultants & Creative sầu Studios

Zephyr was built for high impact. We removed all the unnecessary details to lớn present you with a fresh and trendy website template, focused on what’s important – your nội dung. Zephyr’s minimalistic layouts infused with style and elegance, will bởi a fantastic job at presenting your portfolio & selling your expertise.

Who is Zephyr for?

This theme was built for designers, nội dung creators, business consultants, creative sầu studios và anyone who adores elegant minimalism.

Due khổng lồ Zephyr’s endless possibilities, as a Flextheme, it will vì wonders for portrait, lifestyle and editorial photographers. See for yourself in the Customization Examples section below.

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What makes Zephyr so special?

With everyone online competing for your undivided attention, it’s refreshing and exciting to stumble upon a website that presents nội dung in a clear, concise and stylish way.

We’ve included tailored pages that will help you beautifully present Case Studies or Design Projects that you did for clients in the past. You’ll also find bloông chồng options lớn offer downloadable resources, present guides or courses, explain your packages, & so much more.

Apart from its clean, minimal look, Zephyr is also packed with exciting features & customization possibilities. It supports imagery, video files (embeds và self hosted) và GIFs. It’s powered by Flex, which means you can tweak, edit, move sầu around và spice up, just about any section. You can also animate elements inside your layouts, to lớn create a more chất lượng and engaging experience for your clients, both, on desktop and on thiết bị di động.


What’s included with Zephyr theme?

A fully customizable WordPress theme, with 20+ predesigned page layouts, 100+ unique page blocks, that you can use straight out of the box or tweak to lớn your own needs and vision.Designated pages to lớn help you present Client Case Studies, Products & Services, Educational Resources, etcZephyr’s chất lượng style kit, with an easy khổng lồ manage color & typography system. You can easily change all colors and fonts and adapt them khổng lồ your own branding.Flex editor, which lets you personalize and customize everything inside your Flex blocks và layouts. From the size & placement of elements, khổng lồ their color, opacity, & movement. Flex also allows you khổng lồ create your own sections from scratch if you want lớn bring in new thiết kế ideas & layouts.Maximum control over your sản phẩm điện thoại website. You can tweak, edit, và adjust your site’s layout on thiết bị di động khổng lồ optimize the experience users have sầu on your site.Documentation and Clip tutorials lớn guide you through each step of the trang web creation process.

Customization Examples | How Zephyr adapts lớn various styles and content

Do you think Zephyr is made for designers only & can’t quite picture this theme with a photography or lifestyle portfolio? You’re going to lớn love this! We created a few quick mockups lớn show you how beautifully this website template adapts to lớn various content. Just like all our other themes, Zephyr was built to lớn fit a large variety of brands and styles.

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A Stylish và Moody Portrait Photography Website DesignPhokhổng lồ credits: Baptiste Hauville


A Lifestyle Blogger or Interior Designer type of WebsitePholớn credits: Lauren Kurc


A Bold, Neutral Website DesignPholớn credits: pexels.com


Want to lớn get Zephyr for your website?

Zephyr is available in our cửa hàng with a fabulous Black Friday discount of 35% OFF.

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